Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Sadhaka should attach no more importance to worldly affairs than one might attach to a toilet in a Palace.

A Sadhaka  should attach no more importance   to worldly affairs than one might attach to a toilet in  a Palace.
One person asked, "When one tries to conduct worldly affairs fittingly* sincerely, the mind gets engrossed in them, and the objective of attainment of God gets neglected. So, when one is pursuing attainment of God, assigning top importance to it, how much attention ought one to pay to worldly affairs ? In what proportion T ShriMaharaj said, "When one builds a grand palace, even it needs to have a toilet. Bear in mind that the task of attainment of God needs worldly affairs in a like pro­portion. I feel that one ought to spend most of the time of the day in the hall, on carpets or sofas. But it makes me sad that, instead of that, you spend most of your time in the toilet typified by worldly affairs. Doubtless, Shree Samartha (Shree Samarth Ramdas) has said that one should conduct worldly af­fairs ' fittingly ', but it is a mistake that instead of con­ducting worldly affairs fittingly', one conducts them Vig­orously'. The attainment of God should be pursued with vigour, whereby worldly affairs automatically get con­ducted fittingly; this is decidedly what Samartha  wants to say. The conduct of worldly affairs which takes place in remembrance of God is truly in a fitting manner."