Saturday, September 25, 2010


A social worker once asked ShriMaharaj, "I have ob­served you for so many days. People of many different types visit you, but you behave with them in the same loving manner. How can you manage it ?" Upon this ShriMaharaj said, "I do not understand philanthropy. But I always feel a longing to lighten the sorrow of every one; you may, if you so wish, term it philanthropy. Persons coming to me belong to one of four types. The first type is extremely selfish; persons who seek to use the world to fulfil their own selfish interests. The second type is prag­matically selfish: persons who help fulfil others' inter­ests while also fulfilling their own. The third type is un­selfish; persons who set aside their own interest to fulfil others'; and the fourth type is persons led by Divine will, persons who use up their 'selves' for the upliftment of the world, in the belief that God is their master and the world belongs to Him. My object is that a person meeting me should be helped to rise from where he stands today to a higher type."s