Tuesday, December 7, 2010


After saying that a good or bad disposition always ex­ists in the mind of an ordinary person to a greater or a smaller degree, but one should try to make it chaste, pure and sublime to an increasing degree, ShriMaharaj added, " Degrading or evil thoughts do keep rising in one's mind. Immediate performing of an evil deed in accordance with them is the disposition of the lowest, or dull type. Discrimination is totally absent in such persons. Those in whose minds evil thoughts arise, but who, by practising self- control, do not let the evil deed actually take place, are of a superior type. This can be called the passionate type. The desires which arise in the minds of those who are superior to this, of a good disposition, are all of a good, philanthropic kind; there is no trace of unholy thinking in them. The highest and purely good form of disposition is not arising of any thoughts other than the sadguru and God in the mind. Saints and liberated men are like that. When a person involves himself in namasmiarana con­stantly, he automatically reaches perfection, climbing these steps."-