Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A Sadhaka should cast off such Feelings as Envy, Hate, Enmity.
There was a devoted disciple of ShriMaharaj. A trivial cause had resulted in hostility developing between him and his brother-in-law. ShriMaharaj did not like it and sO, one day, he said to the disciple, " Have you seen a puppet show ? Supposing the puppets were to decide not to dance, the whole show will be spoiled. Likewise, we are puppets in God's theatre. If we, through our own think­ing or stubbornness, were to decide not to dance in accor­dance with His wish, His whole show will be spoiled; besides, it will militate against our interest. Your inner mind has repeatedly been urging you to talk with the person towards whom you bear hostility, and cleanse your mind, for you have now surrendered to Rama. It is not proper that you ignore the inner voice and retain feelings of hostility. You must not have feelings of hostility towards anyone." He took the suggestion of ShriMaharaj to heart and went, of his own accord, to meet his brother-in-law. An open- hearted talk ensued between them. As it chanced, only eight days later the brother-in-law suffered a heart attack and died.