Sunday, November 21, 2010


A well - educated, only son of a devotee had secured a good job. He was to be married. The devotee asked ShriMaharaj, 'I have no experience in arranging marriages. Please tell me how to choose a daughter - in - law.' ShriMaharaj promptly said, 'Accept the girl whom all three of you like at first sight. Do not get into any further criti­cal examination.' After advising thus ShriMaharaj further added, 'In my opinion marriage of a son is of a more diffi­cult nature than that of a daughter. The effect of a daughter's marriage is felt at her in - laws.' The effect of a son's marriage is felt in one's home. If everyone at home behaves with a sentiment that he should mind and take care of others, comfort, and contentment will prevail . Also, the elders should act in the manner of elders, and young­sters should act in the free manner of youngsters. There­after, what scope can exist for arising of misunderstand­ings?'