Friday, July 2, 2010


The Joy of Feeding someone to His fill and seeing him contented is Indescribable.
While ShriMaharaj was once travelling in Karnataka, along with him was a doctor from Bombay. One day, in one of the towns, they had an occasion to partake of snacks at ten or twelve different houses. On being urged to eat more at yet another house, the doctor lost his patience, and he said, "Do you mean to overfeed us and burst our tummies? Enough of this urging to eat more!" When ShriMaharaj heard of this incident, he said, "Doctor, if these people invited us, it was not from a practical stand­point that we are in want of food, or to show off that they have more than enough. They invited us only out of love. It was with the intention that they may experience the joy resulting from what we eat or what we accept, that they urged us to eat more. To be able to experience the joy of giving away of food, that is, for one to feel joy when someone else has eaten, is nothing but grace of God. You haven't enjoyed, in all your life, an occasion to give away food. It is because you do not know what joy it brings that you lost your temper for a bit of urging to eat more."