Saturday, November 28, 2009

More important than what is said, is , by whom it has been said.

At the time of initiation ( अनुग्रह ) Shri Maharaj used to impart to the initiate the mantra ( Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram) and bestow on him a copy of Rama hriday and a rosary (japa maala). He used to insist upon chanting of the mantra, while turning the rosary at least once fully, and on at least one reading of Rama hriday, after the daily ablutions. Vaman Rao Jnyaneshwari, who used to teach reading and memorizing of Ramahriday ( which is in sanskrit), once said to Shri Maharaj, "Sir, Ramahriday is written in Sanskrit, and most people do not understand it. What can be accomplished by merely parroting it ?" Shri Maharaj said, "Vaman Rao, what has been asked to be recited is not so very important as who has asked it to be recited. The authority of the person who asks for the reciting to be done is at its back. When a sick person visits a doctor, the doctor examines him, ascertains the cause of the disease, and gives him a medicine. The patient does not know what the medicine contains, but his faith, that he will get better because of the medicine cures him. Similarly, if a Sadhaka recites Rama hriday even without understanding, but with faith, his task gets accomplished automatically.