Wednesday, July 28, 2010


One believes that the Food  one eats is of one’s own earning, but in reality even that is the Fruit of God’s Grace.
ShriMaharaj said to one, 'Do partake of Rama's Prasad today before you leave.' He said, 'I cannot do so, for it is an observance of mine not to eat during the four monsoon months food of another person's earning. ShriMaharaj asked him, 'What notion do you carry when you eat at home every day ?' He replied, 'I feel that I am eating food earned by me.' Upon this ShriMaharaj said, "If it is with this notion that you eat at home every day, then it is far better to eat food of another. It is very harmful to have a notion in one's mind that one eats from one's own earn­ings, and that there is no element of the grace of God in it. A Sadhaka must bear the notion that whatever food he consumes every day is only because of His grace and wish. It is for this notion to develop that such observances are to be followed. There is another aim of this obser­vance: if food from a house with evil ways were to be consumed, there is a possibility that it may defile one's mental attitude; this observance is proper in order to avoid such a risk. The food here is owed entirely to Rama's grace, and because of that it is exceedingly holy. Your observance will not be broken if you were to partake of it." The gentleman then partook of prasad before he left.