Sunday, September 26, 2010


An astrologer examined ShriMaharaj's horoscope. ShriMaharaj asked, "What did you find in it ?" The as­trologer said, "Maharaj, at present you are under the in­auspicious influence of Saturn." ShriMaharaj said, "Well, let it take its course ! We adhere to ours." The astrologer said, "Your horoscope indicates poverty." ShriMaharaj said, "Truly so. But how can one discern from it that in spite of poverty, I have spent liberally enough for a king to emulate?" The astrologer said, "The horoscope indi­cates great intelligence." Upon this ShriMaharaj said, Thehouse of intelligence (Jupiter) must be under Guru's in­fluence." After saying this much, he further said, "The sway of planets extends over only the physical body. He who has lost his awareness of the body does not suffer harm from the planets. Likewise, for him who has sur­rendered himself to the sadguru's authority, the tribula­tions in the body's lot are not contingent upon the move­ment of planets, but are determind by the wishes of the sadguru. The tribulations in a disciple's lot, the guru can adjust so as to be suffered when convenient."