Thursday, November 11, 2010


A question arose why one does not develop a sense of complete surrender though one may chant nama and wor­ship God or the Sadguru. ShriMaharaj said, "A miracle wrought by one's identification with the physical self is that even when practising worship of God, one does not lose one's ego. Just consider this ! One says, 'God belongs to me'. While saying it the ' I' endures, and additionally one stakes a claim upon God. In saying, 'God belongs to me', a sense that God should act as one wishes, that he should satisfy one's desires, lurks. But a true devotee sin­cerely says, 'I belong to God.' In saying this one's being merges with the being of God. The ' I' does not exist as a separate entity for it to be able to have desires. This is real surrender."