Sunday, March 7, 2010

A New Web Site: Shri Gondavalekar

Shree Rama Samartha
There is another website on Sri Maharaj, announcing Ram Naam Yagnya.
All the Guru Bandhus are requested to participate.

Here's the link

And here's post from that website:

| Shriraam jay Ram Jay Jay Ram ||

Dear Guru Bandhus,

Coming Saturday i.e. 7th November a local Naam group based in Navi Mumbai area has decided to take a sankalpa of 2.5 koti (crore) ram naam(Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram). We wish to invite all of you to join us to complete this Sankalpa and spread the divine Name of Lord. Please encourage your family members to participate too.

If you want to join us please email us your full name, Email id and Phone number(with std/isd code) to Subject of the mail would be Ram Naam Yadna

Points to Remember

  1. All of us have to take the sankalpa at the same time i.e. at 7:10 PM on 7th November 2009 Saturday. If this is not possible you may still participate by taking the sankalpa at your convenience and email us your details as specified above.
  2. You can chant nama anytime (travelling, working etc) and in any position(sitting, standing walking etc). just Keep chanting with full faith and keep counting (either tulsi mala or counter or any other way).
  3. Participants are requested to email their total count (from start date to reporting date. Not weekly counts) to every Sunday((preferably). Subject of the mail would be Ram Naam Yadna
  4. The period for completing the sankalpa is one Year.

On completition of this Sankalpa, we have decided to have a small get-together program.

For details please call (022)27715208 (Joshi Kaka) 9870581217 (Vivek Abhyankar), 9819135479 (Rohit Vedantwar)

|| Shriraam jay Ram Jay Jay Ram ||