Sunday, July 22, 2012

Anandashram,Kanhangad- a Prayer.

A Prayer by Poojya Swami Ramdas of Kanhangad
Universal Prayer
O Lord of the universe, O Creator, Protector and Destroyer of the worlds,
I come in all humility to Thy holy feet and surrender myself entirely to thee.
Deign to bless me ever with Thy remembrance.
O merciful divine Master, give me strength, purity and peace.
Thou art absolute power, omniscient and omnipresent
Though art seated in the hearts of all:
Thou art all purity, all goodness and all love:
Though art the lover of Thy devotees, refuge of the helpless,
Redeemer and Savior of those who resign themselves to Thee:
Make me dedicate my life to Thee and to Thy service;
By thy Grace, may peace and joy always dwell in my heart.
Thou art mother, Master, friend and all to me
Accept me as Thy child and servant;
Grant me power to love Thee with all my heart;
Let whatever I do be a fitting offering at Thy holy feet;
Make me pure in thought, word and deed;
I lay my mind at Thy feet; fill it always with Thy remembrance;
Let Thy glorious light illumine my heart.
O sustainer of the worlds, O kind and compassionate Lord, God of Gods!
Give me the divine vision so that I may behold Thee in all, as all;
Make me ever feel Thy constant fellowship.
May my life be guided and controlled by Thee!
Thy presence be ever with me, in me and everywhere around me.
I beg of Thee, I prostrate before Thee,
Hearken to this heartfelt prayer of mine,
And make me Thine and Thine only for ever and ever!
                                                                       --Swami Ramdas