Monday, December 6, 2010


When one called upon ShriMaharaj, not only did the caller feel joy, but it used to be apparent that he himself

felt even more joy than that. When an outstanding devo­tee was asked the cause of this, he said, "No matter with how clean a mind one goes to see him, as one's love for the physical self has not been wiped out, there does lurk a secret, a faint desire somewhere deep in one's mind, that some difficulty or deficiency in one's worldly life should get removed, or at least that the current state of well -being should continue. Because of this the joy one feels is adulterated, impure and encumbered; it is invariably tainted by desire. On the contrary, as there exists the single, pure, unselfish yearning in his mind, that every living soul that visits him may be freed from its bonded state, that he may gain everlasting bliss by encountering God, the joy that ShriMaharaj feels is unencumbered, that of pure affection, full of tenderness. If one too wants such joy from meeting the sadguru, visiting a saint, then one should approach with a pure sentiment that one's body and one's worldly life may suffer any fate, but that one should be freed of cycles of birth and death by developing of genuine love for God.'

Kartika Deepotsav

One month long Kartika Deepotsava ended to-day.Many Devotees visited the Mandir and some of them sang devotional songs.