Thursday, May 31, 2012

63rd Anniversary of Shri Mandir.-13-6-2012

Sri Brahma Chaitanya Sri Rama Mandir at Chintamani is celebrating the 63 rd Anniversary of the installation of the Divine idols.  All the devotees are requested to attend.

Poojya BabaKeshava Rao Belsare's Lecture in Marathi

Parama poojya Baba Keshava Rao Belsare wrote many books on Shri Brahma chaitanya Maharaj,Gondavalekar. His lectures were very simple but had a deep understanding of the philosophy of Shri Maharaj.Some of his lectures are recorded. Many thanks to Shri Arun Lele for providing the C.D.of his lectures.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shankara Jayanthi

       Shankara Jayanthi (20-5-2012)

Sri Shankara Jayanthi is being celebrated in the Mandir on 20-5-2012., 
Devotees are invited to participate.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sri Rama Dandu

Sri Rama Dandu (Sri Ram's followers)

Sri M.R. Jayaram, Dharmadhikari of Kaiwara Nareyana Math, has arranged for a padayathra from Kaiwara to the Maha Khsetra,Thimmammagaaru Marimaanu, near Kadiri (A.P) a distance of 120 kms. to be covered from 6-5-12 to 12-5-12 on foot. chanting Bhajans on Lord Ram composed by the great poet-saint Kaiwara Naareyana Taata. Rama mandir trustees also participated in the Padayatra on the first day. On the second day (7-5-12), the Rama dandu visited Sri Brahma Chaitanya Sri Rama Mandir, Chintmani and chanted Bhajans there. Rama dandu which had following of more than 300 devotees continued on their journey after an hour.
Sri M.R. Jayaram is a great devotee and is doing real service in spreading Bhakti movement.