Sunday, November 29, 2009

Namasmarana is more advantageous than the practise of Yoga.

A man from south India was a practitioner of yoga. He had the ability to journey to Mars by his ethereal body (Sookshma-deha). During the return journey he used to suffer from pain while entering the earth's atmosphere. He consulted many persons to find a way to get rid of this pain, but without avail. Finally, he came to meet Sri Maharaj. To begin with, Sri Maharaj described the stages encountered during the journey from the earth to Mars.  Then he said, "During the return journey, a fault develops in your practice of Kumbhaka, and therefore you suffer from pain. You will not suffer from this pain if you further your study of Keval Kumbhaka.". Sri Maharaj further said, "However,do not think that you have accomplished much in being able to journey to Mars by virtue of knowledge of Yoga. It only means that your body and your mind have been purified to a great extent. If you were to give up your fascination for journeying to Mars and utilize your energies for Namasmarana it will go a long way towards acquiring lasting bliss. Take up Namasmarana determinedly and you will surely receive Rama's blessing. Else this may turn into a mere conjurer's performance, and human life's main purpose will remain unfulfilled."

Murugumale trip during Vajramahotsav, June 2009

pictures of Murugamalla trip during Vajramahotsav.June 2009