Sunday, October 10, 2010


While talking with ShriMaharaj, Chintubuwa once said, ''Maharaj, I want to ask you for favours.' ShriMaharaj said, 'Go ahead. If Rama wills, can there be anything difficult for Him ?' Chintubuwa said, 'Firstly, my death should take place in Gondavale; and secondly, that every year a thousand persons be dined on the day of my death.*' The intention in asking for this was, to ensure that his descendants should remain accordingly wealthy. On hear­ing the request ShriMaharaj said, 'Rama will grant your wish !'
Chintubuwa's end came in Gondavale seven years af­ter ShriMaharaj cast off his body. That year had an intercalary month** of Margashirsha. He died on the tenth day of the dark fortnight of the month. As this was an intercalary month, there was no interruption in the cel­ebrations of Shri Maharaj's death anniversary on the same day of Margashirsha; and from then onwards Chintubuwa's death anniversary fell every year on the day of celebrations of ShriMaharaj's death anniversary, and dining of over a thousand people would positively take place on that day.
* day of death every year -   shraddhatithi ,  the death anniversary of a person when a ceremony is observed by his descendants, offering gifts and food made to relations and Brahmins.
**intercalary month - adhikamaas - an intercalary month formed of the aggregate days omitted in reckoning the lunar year. (Thus every three years, the lunar calendar is brought up with the solar.)