Friday, June 25, 2010

One Should appreciate that God sustains One’s Household
A very good disciple of ShriMaharaj remained without any gainful employment after the age of retirement. The amount of pension being meagre, the household expenses were being met from the earnings of his son. ShriMaharaj said to him, "Can you make both ends meet every month? I do not want the answer, 'You are taking care of every­thing.' Tell me what is the real condition? The son said, "The last ten days of the month are difficult." Upon this ShriMaharaj said, "That is a very good thing. At least in those ten days a realization prevails that God provides sustenance for one's household. Such a realization should be considered grace of God." About the total amount of wealth in the world ShriMaharaj used to say, "One fourth of the globe comprises of land, and three - fourths of wa­ter. The total quantity of water remains constant, it does not change. Similarly, when there is an inflow of money on one side, there is an outflow of it on someone else's side. One should definitely presume that prosperity on one's side is adversity somewhere else. This means that accumulation of wealth by one is from another's state of want, or misfortune. Therefore, to enjoy that wealth is not in the interest of any devotee of God."