Sunday, October 17, 2010


A lady practising namasmarana regularly was very ca­pable but quick - tempered, and, once she became en­raged over an incident, her tongue set off on delivering a lashing. Just about then one day ShriMaharaj acciden­tally came  there. As soon as she saw him, not only was her tongue silenced, but tears welled up in her eyes. She said, "Maharaj, what can I do about this tem­per of mine ? This is how it lets me down." ShriMaharaj said, "Gangutai, seek the origin of anger and the six en­emies of the soul. Desire is their mother, and Pride is the father. The interesting thing is that, if one of them dies, the other automatically succumbs. There is no remedy like nama to eradicate Desire. There is no remedy like saying 'Rama is the doer' to eradicate Pride. To get hold of both, there is no means like surrendering to a sadguru. One should understand that in surrender lies the seed of eradication of the six enemies of the soul."