Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Shri G.S. Gokhale

                          Shri G.S. Gokhale

Photo: loss of very good sadhak of shri maharaj who collected maharaj pravachan & given good life to cores of

Shri Govind Sitaram Gokhale

Our humble salutations to Shri G.S.Gokhale who left his mortal body on 12th June 2013.
He collected the Pravachans of Shri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj in Marathi and presented them to the world for the benefit of all devotees. He presented it in Marathi. But, his work is translated into English,Kannada, Telugu,Gujarathi etc. In his Preface to the Discourses (Pravachans), he states "I pray very humbly at the feet of Shri Maharaj that whatever strength, blessings, and grace, he showered on me during the compilation of these Discourses, may continue till my last breath. Let Nama be on my lips continuously till the end of my life. I earnestly and sincerely hope that those who read these discourses would feel attached to the chanting of nama and thereby obtain peace of mind in worldlly life".

Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-June.12

Paramartha is the True Goal of Human Life

The feeling of disunion with Brahman or the Ultimate Reality is the cause of pain, while happiness and bliss result from the realization of identity with Brahman. If we live in the conviction of this identity or unity, we shall always be in enduring bliss. The world appears manifold, but basically it is one and the same stuff. Paramartha, or the attempt to realize this fundamental unity, is uni-directional; and it is on this that we should focus our attention. To desist from mental involvement in life is paramartha. It calls for abandonment of all upadhi so that even 'I' or myself as a separate entity, has no existence. Prapancha, arising as it does from a feeling of duality or separateness, is bound to appear multitudinous.
Unless and until we recognize the true aim of human life, prapancha persists as our goal. As a matter of fact, man comprises not merely the body but also the mind, and therefore he must strive for both the physical and spiritual goals; but the real, ultimate goal of human life is realization of identity between all creation and the Cosmic Soul. So far as physical, worldly life is concerned, a sense of duality is essential for any sense of happiness. Consequently, in our transition from the present conviction of reality of material things to the realization of paramartha, the 'manasa-pooja' or mental worship pre-supposes the duality 'God' and 'I'; it is with this duality that we have to begin.
Until paramartha is assimilated in our flesh and blood, it is desirable to reinforce our sadhana with appropriate reading. We have to see what we must do to keep the mind fastened to God.
Prapancha carried out with only a material outlook fails to yield the expected fruit. The remedy advocated by saints is to supplement it by nama-smarana. We are, however, deterred from it by our pride and our 'wisdom'. Who creates this ego? Its small, almost imperceptible seed exists dormant in ourselves. It sprouts as desire for popular esteem. What the saints suggest for countering it is to be in nama-smarana, and simultaneously to suppress the urge for sensual pleasures. Reverses and obstacles in life should remind us that the aim of human life is to realize God, to take us closer to God. So, instead of getting scared by them, we should apply ourselves to nama more seriously.
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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-June-12

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-June 12