Friday, August 6, 2010


ShriMaharaj once said, "He who has subjugated his tongue is already on the way to attainment of God," When a Sadhaka asked what this meant, ShriMaharaj replied, "The tongue has two functions: To taste food, and to give vocal form to the word. To gain control over one's speech, one should practise chanting of Nama. Chant Nama as much as possible. When the number of repetitions ofNama reaches   one   to   two   crores,   there   is   a   natural reduction in the desire for food. The body can do with a smaller amount of food. Eating only limited food brings contentment. In later stages, the urge to speak itself weak­ens. It is a pity that no one wants to experience the truth of this."

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-Aug.6

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Aug.6