Tuesday, August 3, 2010


One should conduct worldly affairs mindfully,as a Duty but not let the mind be absorbed in them.
"One should conduct worldly affairs mindfully and from a sense of duty, but the mind should not be absorbed in them." After listening to ShriMaharaj saying this, a devo­tee asked, "How can but one mind perform a dual role at a given time?" Upon this Shri Maharaj said, "Although a person has but one mind, more than two aspects of it are functioning at the same time. A newly- married person thinks of his wife while at work in the office. Even when you are in Gondavale and are participating in the events here, your remembering of your children and the house­hold continues. Then, why should it appear impossible to teach the same mind to remember God while conducting worldly affairs, with an equal degree of raptness ? This requires practice. The practice consists in continually ut­tering the name of God while conducting the tasks con­nected with worldly affairs."

Shri Maharaja's Pravachan in MARATHI-Aug.3