Friday, August 13, 2010


The Body is like a "Lodge" meant for a temporary stay: God is the soul's True Abode

Once ShriMaharaj was in Hubli. The owner of a 'lodge' came to visit him.  He was a  disciple of Shri  -Brahmananda maharaj. ShriMaharaj said to him, 'Be ab­sorbed in nama and do not forget your guru.' On this he said, "There is too much of work for me to attend to, and I do not find any time for namasmarana. ' ShriMaharaj asked him, 'If I were to tell you about a means that will not come in the way of your work, will you practise it ?' When he gave an assurance to do so, ShriMaharaj said, "Being the owner, you are always at the cash counter. People who stay in the lodge pay their bills while leaving. Even if they have stayed in the lodge for ten or fifteen days they do not at all feel sorry while leaving. On the other hand, they are happy that they are going home. The body in which we dwell is also a kind of a 'lodge'. We should feel happy when leaving it. For this, it is neces­sary to have a constant awareness that this body is not my dwelling, and that my true abode is with God. One should always remember that just as a customer leaves the lodge feeling happy that he is going home, likewise one must leave this body feeling happy. In this way con­stant awareness will be automatically maintained at what­ever place you are."