Thursday, July 4, 2013

Poojya Baba Belsare's suggestions

Guru Bhakta Sri Arun Lele sends this by e-mail

Anusthan=awareness oriented towards Guru or God
Suggestions given by Pu. Baba Belsare for constant anusthan
1}There is no other pure place than satguru or God.Pl always bear it in mind.Prayer makes ansn lively.
2}God is Nirgun as well as Sagun
3-I need God  but God also needs me
4-One can comprehend Sagun easily.It is very difficult to keep ansn without a form name is the form of God
5-Name is all the best in my life and hence one should love it wholeheartedly
6-Devotion is the soul`s power to unite with god Sadguru makes one aware of this inborn power
7-Saints were initially like us only but they raised themb because of constant ansn
8-Everything is of no use without God`s love It cmes from within & all your attention must be directed towards God or Sadguru
9-In ansn all your thoughts arerelated to god or Guru
10-To attain God one must do constant & pious contemplation of god with deep intensity.
11-Naamsmaran is the easiest way to think about God
12-One should not entertain thoughts of worldly desires as they tighten grip of desires
13-One must remind his mind of the exulted state of God`s contact repeatedly