Sunday, October 3, 2010


Once a group of persons returned from visiting shrines of some saints. At some places they had met with good facilities, while at others the facilities were the barest minimum. The persons felt some misgivings about the saints at whose shrine they had been inconvenienced. Speaking about it, ShriMaharaj said, "The saintliness of saints is not to be looked for in these externals. It is to­tally wrong to presume that a saint at whose retreat one met with good facilities is better or higher than the saint at whose retreat one was inconvenienced. One should un­derstand that the shrine where the mind becomes tran­quil and quickly turns inwards is hallowed. It is not a saint's task to provide bodily comforts. But even then they look after the comforts of callers as much as is possible. How can they help it if even then there is a little inconve­nience ?"