Monday, August 23, 2010


As a way of the world, the relatives of ShriMaharaj were ordinary worldly- minded persons. Of these, a middle-aged man once approached with a request that a piece of land belonging to ShriMaharaj be sold to him at a spe­cially concessional price. The following conversation en­sued :
The man : I want that piece of land.
ShriMaharaj: I need that piece of land for my own use. How can I part with it?
The man: I need it for my betterment and prosperity. Please do not forget that I am a relative of yours. If you do not feel kindly towards me, how can you be termed a
ShriMaharaj: I have never said that I am a saint, andme. I wonder how you do not feel that a relative should prosper.
ShriMaharaj:  I do not consider that that family is ad­vanced which possesses a large property. That family is really I cannot help it if others call me one, 'accuse' me of being one. I am still not free from matters of my interest.
The man : You talk like an ordinary, worldly man. Well, in any case, you should respect my desire.
ShriMaharj : Well, it is in the hands of Shri Rama to do so, not in mine. So beseech him.
The man: You say all this because you don't feel for advanced which is devoted to the worship of Rama.
The man : I have been told by all people that you are kind, generous, large-hearted. It seems people entertain a mistaken notion about you.
ShriMaharaj : I cannot help what you feel about me. However, you may try supplicating Shri Rama; He may help you.
After this ShriMaharaj fed him to his fill and sent him back. One of those who were watching this incident said, 'Maharaj, how is it that you remained so calm while that man upbraided you and spoke abusively?' Upon this Shri Maharj answered, 'When a person suffering from a foul mouth odour comes to you for discussing important business, you do not avoid speaking with him, you only cover your nose with a handkerchief. I did the same thing here. Because of the mind being sullied by greed, he was talking indiscriminately. But that was no reason for me to spoil my attitude. If we behave thus in this world there will rarely be an occasion to repent about. If one main­tains awareness of God, these things can be easily accomplished.