Friday, June 18, 2010

One’s Wish Ought not to Differ from Rama’s

A young widow had lived in the monastery of ShriMaharaj for some years. She contracted some dis­ease. Medication was given for about one to one - and - a half months, but with no avail. Then she said to ShriMaharaj, "There is no one who will weep for me upon my death. There is nothing to which my heart binds me. Even if you were to give me death right now, I am ready to depart from this world gladly. At least I will be free of this physical agony." ShriMaharaj did not like this talk of hers. He said, "You say that you now wholly belong to Rama. Such a person ought not to talk about departing from this world as long as Rama lets him be; likewise, when He comes to take him away he should not talk about staying on in this world for a minute longer. But man behaves exactly contrary to this."