Thursday, September 2, 2010


After the festivities for Ramanavami were over, ShriMaharaj started for another village. At that time he said, 'So long as one is here one should practise the art of worship of Rama while at close quarters*, and while leav­ing, one should carry with one the art of worship while in separation**. Lakshmana lived in Rama's companionship for fourteen years and won Him over by means of wor­ship while at close quarters. Likewise, Bharata won His favour by being engaged in worship for fourteen years while in separation. It is a little difficult to engage in worship while in separation. Separation causes an inter­ruption in direct companionship. Love is born out of com­panionship. So it is necessary for love for God to have arisen beforehand. Namasmarana is one sure way for love to arise.That nama should be chanted by all.