Thursday, July 15, 2010


The Company of a Person is pleasing in proportion to his being bereft of Desires
A bonny baby crawled up to ShriMaharaj. Looking at it with loving admiration, he said, "There are desires in ungerminated form present in this baby, but it is not charged with desires at this moment. It does not yet have a consciousness of its own self, and therefore it has no volition or misgivings. Because of their absence, the response of its mind is wholesome; so everyone loves it, wants to pick it up. Thus, in spite of the presence of desires in a nascent form in it, one over and again desires a baby's company. If this is so, then why should it appear beyond the bounds of possibility if one were to say that the company of a person who, by the grace of God, has his desires completely eliminated, is joyful?"