Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Ask that one should experience only happiness and no sorrow is unreasonaable

A photographer once visited Sri Maharaj. He said, "All is well at home.There is nothing to worry about at present. The only thing I wish for is that no sorrow may visit upon us hereafter in our lives." Sri Maharaj asked him, "What do you say to a customer visiting you? He said, "I first inquire what size of photograph he would like to be taken. Then I ask him how many copies of the photograph he wants. I tell him the minimum price, which is for three copies. The price remains the same even for only one copy, because preparatory work,effort and expenses remain the same." Sri Maharaj said, "This means that you make no charge for the second and the third copy. Now, if a customer were to say that he did not want the first copy, butmasks you to give him only the second and third copies, will it not be ridiculous? Likewise, it is not reasonable to ask that there should be no sorrow in one's life. If at all one has to ask for something, rather than asking "Let there be no sorrow', it would be proper for a Sadhaka to ask only that while the sorrow consequent on the accrued lot may come to pass, Rama give him the strength to bear it, and let him not forget Him."