Monday, May 10, 2010

The Basic Character of a Self-Knowing being

The Basic Character of a Self-knowing Being
   A seeker of knowledge asked Shri Maharaj, "What is the state of mind of a person in the birth in which he attains knowledge of the Self?" Shri Maharaj said, "He is well aware, right from his birth, what a great treasure human life is, what a great opportunity it is to be born as a human being. He is aware of how important a lifetime is, and how valuable every moment of it is. At this juncture, it is with great difficulty, and only after a convincing personal experience, that there occurs the finding of the Sadguru. Then he settles into a state of unbroken awareness of God and the Sadguru. Later,while performing every task, he performs it only after considering whether it will meet with the Sadguu's approval, and whether it will be of a beneficial effect at the time of his last moment." The seeker further asked, "One repeatedly forgets the importance of being born as a human being. What stratagem may be used to maintain its constant consciousness?". Upon this, Shri Maharaj said, "The Shastras state that there are in all eighty-four hundred thousand life-forms. The gift of speech is absent in all life-forms except the human being. So, one should constantly bear in mind that this unique gift of God one must devote, dedicate, to God; which is to say that one should continually practice Namasmarana.. So one should remember that this is all accomplished by continual practice of Namasmarana."