Monday, June 21, 2010

Because of Money, Corruption usually occurs in the Mind’s Functioning
ShriMaharaj used to employ the word 'Paika', for money, to indicate his contempt for it. Someone asked him, "Why do you use that particular word for money, instead of the commoner word "Paisa?" ShriMaharaj said, 'I use it to show my contempt.' The person again asked him, 'Is it not that God Himself has created money ? Then why do you consider it contemptible?' ShriMaharaj said, "I do not show contempt for money as an object. But because of money the mind's functioning becomes corrupted. Although one's subsistence is derived by the grace of God, money creates an illusion that it is derived from money. Because of temptation for money, one forgets God. This is what I do not like. No matter how much money he ob­tains, the person who retains a constant awareness that it has been obtained by the grace of God should be consid­ered a very fortunate person. Secondly, other undesirable pursuits have limitations imposed by the body; money does not have them. Man never suffers from possessing 'surplus' money."