Monday, July 26, 2010


 A Husband and Wife should adjust with each other and lead Domestic life in Contentment
A couple was well - educated, so they would often ar­gue on equal footing. Occasionally, argument led to alter­cation between them, and the dispute ended in mutual exasperation. Some days passed tolerably well, but one day a dispute ran wild. The husband lost his temper and slapped the wife. The lady could not stand it. The same night she left by train for her parental home. After this some days passed, and then she learned that the hus­band was down with typhoid. She felt natural anxiety, but could not take a decision about what to do. So she went to ShriMaharaj. ShriMaharaj said, "If one wheel of a two-wheeled vehicle goes one way and the other goes another way, the vehicle cannot run. It is obvious that there is difference between man and woman; it is neces­sary for nature's course to proceed well. The qualities of bravery and generosity in a man, and those of forbearance and unswerving submissiveness in a woman, are natural. Accepting defeat in clashes in domestic life be­comes forbearance; besides, doing so will show large -heartedness. This world is nothing but a big play staged by God. It is one's duty to perform in the best possible manner whatever part falls to one's lot. Even if one gets a lowly part, one should play it in the best possible man­ner; then one gets as much credit as for playing an impor­tant part. You alone can claim the honour of motherhood by bearing a son, your husband can never have it. So give up the idea of insisting on equality of rights. In being loved and cherished by one another lies true happiness and fulfilment," When the woman asked, *What shall I do now ?' ShriMaharaj said, "Take the first train and go to your husband. Tend to him as if nothing untoward had intervened. Bow to him in homage once every morning. He will recover." Accordingly the woman went to her hus­band, and began conducting herself as she had been told. After some days the husband's fever abated. One morn­ing, as she bowed to him, he began to sob. The lady was alarmed. He said, 'I am all right. But I realize that I behaved like a beast with you, and I am suffering from a frightful remorse. You rushed for my sake without mind­ing my behaviour with you. I promise you that I will not commit such a mistake again,'

A son was born to them after some time, and the couple visited ShriMaharaj with him.