Saturday, August 7, 2010


Chanting Nama with resoluteness leads to love for Nama
Madhavrao Apte's wife said 'ShriBrahmanandamaharaj used to visit Sangli frequently. We used to invite him to our house. On one such occasion, he said to me. 'Madam, will you do as I tell you ?' I immediately said, 'Certainly'. He said, 'From tomorrow, sit in front of a picture of ShriMaharaj in an immaculately clean condition, and re­peat Nama thirteen thousand times every day.' When he was asked, 'What is an immaculately clean condition?' he said, 'Get up in the early morning and wash yourself pouring water over the head and body, and while still Wearing the dripping saree, sit in front of the picture of ShriMaharaj and chant Nama.' I chanted Nama in this fashion for two years. After that he happened to visit our house and said, 'You may discontinue the practice now.' That practice of two years made my body very hardy, and developed in me an unusual love for chanting Nama. Now 1 can easily spend five or six hours at one sitting chanting Nama."

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Aug.7