Friday, August 27, 2010


How a Kirthan ought to be performed
A lady performed kirtan* as an amateur, not as a pro­fessional. After one such performance ShriMaharaj said to her, "You do not perform kirtan for earning money or public recognition but as one of the nine kinds of worship. That saves it from being just a kind of religious concert, which in no way serves to attain God. One should always remember Narada's stance that he performed kirtan for the sake of God. One should constantly assess how much of the subject matter of the first half of the kirtan, which is of the nature of a sermon on the text, has become part of ones own nature. Remember, the listeners are influ­enced only to the extent to which something has become a part of the preacher's nature."
Another such performer of kirtans, but as a profession, visited ShriMaharaj, and said, 'Maharaj, I face the audi­ence during kirtan. Naturally I notice what effect what­ever I am telling them has on them. How can I disengage my mind from them and turn it on God?' ShriMaharaj answered.' "Sir, it is not incorrect that one's mind is on what is the effect of whatever one is saying, on listeners' minds. But one should take the mind off it and give it to God, whereby the kirtan will be rendered as worship unto God. One should keep one's mind on the idol of God. One should practice listening to the subject matter of one*s assertions. When one listens to one's own kirtan one re­flects upon it well. Besides, it is highly effective with the audience. This is just how saints perform kirtan."
* Kirtan fafafa) A prose - cum - musical opera about God or a saint. ...