Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sri Krishna Janmaashtami Greetings


The second wife of ShriMaharaj, Aaisaheb, was born blind, and used to chant nama with every breath. She was clairvoyant. Two ladies had been assigned to attend upon her. ShriMaharaj had gone to Harda, leaving Aaisaheb in Gondavale. One day about nine o' clock in the morning, one of the ladies in attendance casually asked Aaisaheb, "What is Maharaj doing at this time ?' Aaisaheb promptly replied, 'He is busy initiating your son.' ShriMaharaj returned to Gondavale after a week or so. At that time, Aaisaheb had gone to Aatpadi to meet some­one who was seriously ill in her parents' household. The attending lady managed to find time to ask ShriMaharaj, 'Maharaj, what were you doing at Harda on that particu­lar day ?' Upon which ShriMaharaj smiled and only said, "I was doing the very thing that 'the blind one' has al­ready told you."