Thursday, September 23, 2010


In ShriMaharaj's days the banking system was avail­able only in large towns, and people used to give their money to ShriMaharaj for safe custody. ShriMaharaj used to accept it and used to give it back as and when the depositor asked for it. At times some even took more money than they   had deposited; but that too did not bother ShriMaharaj. For about a year before he cast off the mortal body ShriMaharaj used to say frequently, 'Be­ware ! My bank is going to close down soon. So whosoever has kept a deposit should withdraw it in good time; if not, I am not responsible if anyone suffers a loss.' Treating the warning as a joke, people who used to deposit money took no notice. ShriMaharaj cast off the mortal body on 23rd December 1913; and then everyone realized the meaning of his words. ShriBrahmanandamaharaj called all those who claimed that they had deposited money with ShriMaharaj, and refunded their claims to them.