Friday, October 15, 2010


The day before he passed away, Shri Maharaj said to Bhausaheb Ketkar, "Bhausaheb, I will pass on tomorrow Morning." On hearing this Bhausaheb said, "To die in your lap would be a joyous occasion. It was with that in my mind that I came here ."Bhausaheb, it is not fated to be so." Then Bhausaheb asked, "Where should I stay ?' ShriMaharaj told him, "Stay right here for twelve years.' Accordingly Bhausaheb stayed in Gondavale for the next twelve years. In those days there were many inconveniences there. During that pe­riod Bhausaheb had typhoid. The fever would not lessen even after ten days. On the whole the condition turned precarious. Adequate medical treatment was not pos­sible in a village like Gondavale. But not a thought of leaving Gondavale touched his mind. The fever lessened on the twenty - first day, and eventually he recovered. When asked about his state of mind then, Bhausaheb said, 'The influence of His love was so great that it did not even enter my mind to disobey His word,'