Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A lawyer by profession studied saints' writings as a hobby. He had a genuine desire for saints' society. He met Shri Maharaj and asked, 'Maharaj, the supreme im­portance of saints' company has been described every­where in religious books. But simultaneously it has also been said that one needs to be a saint to know a saint. How can we, ordinary humans, know a saint ? And how can fellowship with a saint result without having recog­nized one ?' In reply ShriMaharaj said, "There is a very simple feature useful for identifying a saint. He who does not grant one what one wants, but who is still wanted and sought after, must be a saint. His being is so full of contentment that one's mind finds contentment in his com­pany. One feels joyous in a saint's company without an apparent reason. Where worship of a concrete God is prac­tised uninterruptedly, where all callers are served food lovingly, and where namasmarana is practised sincerely, there, one should take for granted that a saint exists