Thursday, November 4, 2010


A student of saints' works asked ShriMaharaj, 'On one hand saints say that fruition of one's lot is inescapable, and on the other they say that there is nothing that is unattainable by effort. Which of these is true ?' ShriMaharaj promptly said, "So long as one has ego, that is, so long as one feels that one is the doer, efficacy of effort appears real; and once ego vanishes, that is, when one begins to feel that Rama is the doer, effectiveness of destiny appears real. That endeavour has a place in life, there is no doubt. But only the effort which takes place under the guidance of saints, proves capable of yielding fruit. Besides, the starting point of effort is the intent. If the intent is one of attaining God only then destiny does not come in the way of that effort. No importance is to be attached to the pains and pleasures that the body suffers by fruition of one's accumulated lot, in the course of endeavours to attain God."