Monday, November 8, 2010


A person wearied by annoyances of domestic life asked ShriMaharaj, 'Maharaj, if one must suffer the fruition of one's destiny, what use is worship of God? There is no gain from practising worship.' In reply ShriMaharaj said, "Here, there is some confusion of understanding. Just as experiences of a pleasant nature come to pass in a person's life, painful experiences also fall to his lot. One's complaint is only about the pain. He who takes birth as a human being cannot escape the painful experiences that fall to his lot. This can be clearly observed from the lives of in­carnations like Rama and Krishna. One cannot bypass an experience that has fallen to one's lot, one has to finish it by bearing it. In that case, what does one practise wor­ship for ? While practising worship, in his devotion for God, a devotee loses consciousness of himself and his body. The devotee has no consciousness of whether his body is experiencing pleasure or pain.'