Monday, November 15, 2010


ShriMaharaj was in Sajjangad to pay respects to Shri Samartha. A well-to-do but childless landlord who had his manor and farms in the shadow of the hill approached ShriMaharaj with a supplication that he may be blessed with a son to inherit the handsome estate. The following conversation took place:
ShriMaharaj ——You live right in the jurisdiction of Shri Samartha, and it is therefore proper that you ad­dress your supplication to Shri Samartha himself. Don't you think he has the power to grant it if he mean to Supplicant ———I agree.
ShriMaharaj -—— Then this is what I suggest: You and your wife should visit this Samadhi every day after the daily ablution, for a year. Stand before Shri Samartha with folded hands and pray thus:' We are happy and prosper­ous, by your grace; all that we want to complete our hap­piness is a son to inherit this estate. Please bless us, we pray, with a son if it is in our ultimate interest.' Do this daily for a year. If, during the year to follow, you are blessed with a son, treat him as the gift of Shri Samartha. If oth­erwise, your may conclude that it is not in your interest to have one, In either case, you will have a peaceful mind ready to accept either result calmly and cheerfully.
As luck would have it, the pair was eventually blessed with a son.