Thursday, December 2, 2010


Shri Baba Kashikar had been initiated by Shri Nrisimhasarawati Swami of Alandi; but it was as if he had made him over to ShriMaharaj's care for further guid­ance. Once, in accordance with ShriMaharaj's advice, Kashikar went to Alandi to pay his respects at the shrine of ShriSwami. After having had prasad at Shri Swami's hermitage, and having paid his respects at the shrine of Shri Jnyaneshwara Maharaj, he started back. At that junc­ture the highly revered head of the hermitage, Shri Godbole maharaj, said to him while parting, 'Kashikar, physcially you may live in any place by reason of earning a livelihood, but mentally you should reside in Alandi.' When he met ShriMaharaj at night, ShriMaharaj said, 'It is good you have visited Alandi. What did Shri Jnaneshwarmaharaj say ?' No one had said anything at that shrine, so Kashikar was puzzled. Then, repeating Shri Godboles wami's parting message in exactly the same words, ShriMaharaj said, 'Is this not what he said?'As­tonished on hearing that, Kashikar said, 'Yes'. The omni­presence of ShriMaharaj was confirmed, and it became evident that all saints are, in essence, one.