Wednesday, December 8, 2010


ShriMaharaj gave a copy of Dasabodha to a gentleman going abroad for service, and advised him to read it regu­larly every day. After some years the gentleman returned home. Some days were spent in arranging the baggage, visiting relatives, etc., and then he went to see ShriMaharaj. After the preliminaries ShriMaharaj asked, "Is the reading of the Dasabodha continuing regularly as I had advised ?" The gentleman said, "Yes, no matter how­ever rushed, or delayed, I did not let the routine be missed. However, now, after returning, I cannot manage it in the midst of visiting and everyday matters." Upon this ShriMaharaj said, "This is not the difference in the cir­cumstances, but in the mental attitude. While you wereabroad, there was a fear that, possibly, if the routine were missed, something might go wrong. You wished that such a thing should not happen in a foreign place. Now there is no such pressure on your mind, and therefore negligence takes place. Let it not be so. When a routine is observed, it should be observed for one's own welfare and not out of fear. So far the reading of Dasabodha took place out of fear, now do it out of love.w