Monday, December 20, 2010

Vaikuntha Yekadashi -17-12-2010 (Friday)


A couple fell into the habit of frequent bickering with each other. Finally the quarrels came to such a pass that they decided to divorce each other and marry some other person that they would get on better with. Some well-wisher suggested that they had better see ShriMaharaj before taking the extreme step. ShriMaharaj asked, 'What will you do after the divorce ?' 'We shall re-marry a fresh person'. "Is there a guarantee that you will never disagree with that person? 'Both kept mum in answer. ShriMaharaj queried, "If disagreement develops, will the same situation not repeat itself ? Will you then have any recourse but to adapt yourselves to each other ? Then why not do the same today ? Accept each other and learn to adjust to each other's way of life and thought. Place your trust in Rama, think more about Him, pay more and more attention to chanting His nama; by and by you will come to attach less and less value to differences. Rama will be kind; lead happy lives in
thought of Him.
In course of time, the couple adjusted themselves to each other, and came to be known as a happily- married couple.