Sunday, September 29, 2013

Poojya Sri Ramaseshaiah's Ramadasi Bhiksha

Ramadasi Bhiksha

The video of Poojya Sri Ramaseshaiah's Ramadasi Bhiksha is now available in Youtube. Those who are interested can visit "Ramadasi Bhiksha by Sri B.S.Ramaseshaiah" in youtube.
Many thanks to Sri B.C.Prasad for providing the Video.

Sri Brahmananda Maharaja's Aradhana and Navaratri Utsav.

Invitation to Sri Sadguru Brahmananda Maharaja's Aradhana and Navaratri Utsav.
                                      ( 4-10-2013 to 14-10-2013)

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan-Sept.29

Prapancha is a Means; Paramartha is the AimKeep profound faith, 'I am for Rama, not for prapancha.' Do not say, 'I live for myself'; say, 'I live for Rama;' then you will imbibe Rama's virtues. We live for prapancha, so we imbibe its merits and demerits. Therefore, live for God. Prapancha is a means, paramartha is the aim. No one can escape prapancha. Sages, unlike us, however, utilize it to good, we don’t; therefore, we don't succeed in paramartha.
There are three rare things; birth as a human; association with saints; and longing for liberation. Human life is meant for paramartha only, not for sense pleasures. There should be intense longing for paramartha and a purified heart. With these two, one will certainly meet Shrirama. If oil is not provided at intervals, a lamp gets extinguished. Continuous remembrance of God ensures proper burning of the spiritual lamp. Paramartha implies practical application. If interested in a pilgrimage, you must first leave home and start walking; certainly somebody will show the path; at least signboards are there. We don't even make a start on the path of paramartha, then how shall one meet a guide? We will certainly meet a guru on the spiritual path. Therefore, let us begin with paramartha, maintaining constant remembrance of God.
Behaviour and thoughts should be in mutual unison. Whatever is read and understood from holy books should be practised at least to some extent. What is not understood will also slowly become clear later. The destination is not visible immediately on leaving the house. We reach it, step by step, following one road after another. Similarly, even if we don't understand the teaching in a book entirely, let us act on whatever is understood. Have firm faith in the words of saints, sadguru and scriptures. Don't ever allow confusion to enter the intellect. If this is followed, prapancha will be spiritualised. To say, 'I belong to Rama' is paramartha; to have ego is prapancha. Mixing ego in paramartha is prapancha; eliminate ego in prapancha and it becomes paramartha. We supply the tree of prapancha with the water of ego, therefore it grows into a huge size. The root cause, ego, should be destroyed. While the real doer is God, the jeeva unjustifiably regards himself as the doer. The real upasana is in the growth of the feeling, 'Rama alone is the doer, not I'.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Satsang in Sri Chakra Pani Rao's House, at Anoor

Mandir Devotee Sri Chakrapani Rao has arranged a Satsang on 15th Sept. HE had a long cherished desire to take Sri Maharaj to his house in his ancestral village. His wife Smt.Padma is a daughter of Late Sri Kashinath Bhat who served several years as Archak in the Mandir

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sri Brahmachaitanya Pravachan Sept.2

Living in Nama Transcends Death

If a child falls sick the parents pray to God to spare his life; they vow that the child will be dedicated to God if it survives. This means that they will withdraw their feeling of possession or ownership over their child. How does it matter then, if the child dies today? It is only for their own happiness that the parents want the child to survive the illness.
How unwise it is to ask for avoidance of the ultimately inevitable death, instead of praying for deliverance from the entire cycle of births and deaths! If death is a certainty for everyone, why should we not aspire that it should be auspicious? Death which is not followed by rebirth is the most auspicious death. In fact, to forget one's real 'self', is equivalent to death. You should not therefore lose any opportunity to attain our objective while our mind, which is constantly fluctuating, is steady.
We are tormented by conflicting desires. Therefore it is necessary to kill the desire itself by constant utterance of nama. To remain in nama is to kill desire, which amounts to transcending death. The real way to avoid death is to belong to God. There is no fear of death when one realizes God, who is the destroyer of death. A realized soul is never afraid of death. To be merely alive is no life at all. One must have some objective or purpose in life, and that objective should be to remain in constant awareness of God. It should be considered a very fortunate day when one leaves this body while chanting nama.
In fact, we daily die and are reborn. If we sleep and do not wake up again, it is certainly death. Therefore, go to bed while chanting nama, so that you will wake up in His remembrance. However, to remember nama at bed time, you must have previous practice of it during working hours. Similarly, how can one remember nama at the time of death, unless one has been in the habit of constantly chanting it? Let us therefore, start the practice of nama-smarana right from today, this moment.
When Sant Tukaram says, 'I have seen my death with my own eyes, it implies the experience of complete destruction of desire.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Visit to Gondavale

Devotees of Chintamani mandir above 100 members visited Gondavale on 27th to 30th August, with the blessings of Sri Maharaj. Everyone was happy with the holy atmosphere there. Gokulashtami was celebrated on 29th there giving a new divine experience to the Chintamani devotees.
Sri Ram , installed by Sri Maharaj, who shed tears when Sri Maharaj started to go to Naimisharanya (Forest) intending never to return, is seen above.
A few photos of interest ......