Thursday, November 7, 2013

Invitation to Satsang at Malligere on 17-11-2013

Malligere is a place of pilgrimage to Chintamani Mandir devotees.It was here that Sri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj first gave darshan to Sri G.Venkannaiah, during November one hundred years ago, and asked him to go to Gondavale, in Marathi.. How Sri Venkannaiah found out what was Gondavale, where was it? and other information regarding Sri Maharaj's Grace on Sri G.Venkannaiah, is given elsewhere in this blog (please see Sri G.Venkannaiah). This is a centenary year for Sri Maharaj's Aradhana. The centenary year is being celebrated all over the country, and especially, in Gondavale, in a grand manner. This is also a centenary year for Sri Maharaj's Grace which fell on Sri G.Venkannaiah, in November 1913 at Malligere.
Chintamani devotees have planned a visit to Malligere to mark the hundredth year of Sri Maharaj appearing before Sri Venkannaiah on a tank-bund.
A large number of devotees from Chintamani, Bangalore, Tiptur, Arasikere and other places are expected to attend the satsang at Malligere on 17-11-2013. All the devotees of Sri Maharaj are requested to attend.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Aradhana of Poojya Aayi Saheb (Sri Maharaj's wife) - 3-11-2013.

Sri Maharaj, at the insistence of his mother, Geeta Bai, agreed to marry for the second time. But he told her that he will select his wife. Accordingly, he selected and married a blind girl (Yamuna - maiden name. Her name was changed to Saraswathi after marriage). Though totally blind, with a divine person as her husband, she attained divinity.